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♥ Feeling tired...
It's getting nearer for school to reopen,that is also means end of my holidays.I had been addicted to Sailor Moon Anime lately,I wish i can have a boyfriend like Chiba Mamoru :p haha.Forgoten about time whenever i watch them.It has been weird that i am having dreams that too real until i can't really have a nice sleep.It seems like i got a lot things to worry about.Haiz...feel like falling sick already.Suddenly feel like myself are so irresponsible for not getting things to be done.I had been skipping all my tuition in May,that's rather terrible.Hopefully i am able to catch up on things and handle them well when school reopen.As if there is a boyfriend that i am able to lay on his shoulder,that maybe help me to get things over better ^^.lol....forget about it.I promise myself not to get into a relationship with a boy at least until i graduate.Dreaming too much may not be helping but dreams keeps people chasing after and put effort in doing something.So....having dreams are not bad things too ^.~

♥ My 17th birthday~!
Hey!Here am i Emily Lee Hoai Min,the ben ben de and sha sha de nu sheng.I grow older again haha....Today 12am that time,my phone kena boom non-stop.All sms from friends wish me happy birthday(all night ghost no need sleep =x).But bo lang celebrate my birthday with me *sob*,so i go maple slack + train.My party mate everytime i afk go back,he bo say wb but say happy birthday!LMAO then i keep say ty f3 so funny sia.Evening my dad say wan bring me go Panorama treat me for my birthda but i just ate rice TT,so i say tomorrow go lo*prepare to order shark fin soup hoho*And i receive my first present from jjwc aka piglet,guess what is it f3 a dark arund wa88 LOL then he keep say wan roast me x.x Si xw xue zhang today and swee khing go McDonalds bo jio me,so bo liang xin ne...he still owe me sushi,ice cream,mcdonalds,handphone string and my birthday present haha *xue zhang mai pretend forgot liao hor*And my choichoi also gave me a spielgelman necklace and we have fun in maple carnival whole afternnon!We pwn all mc-er hoho~~It seems like maple friends care me more than my real friends><>

Note : dark arund and spielgelman necklace are items in maplestory :p

♥ My First Blog
Here is it!My very first blog.After Xu Wei keep on pursuit me to make a blog,this blog finally born.Thanks to him,i got Winnie The Pooh Background lol.Hey don't laugh at me!I'm just a big fans of Disney.... and Danson Tang><.

That's me :p

Since the day after exam,i went to Penang with my friends.Guess what,we purposely take bus to Penang just to watch Narnia LOL~! I went to stay in my cousin's house after they go back Taiping.My cousin says that me and my friends are crazy of watching movie.Haiz...Taiping no cinema ma...bo huat lo~ TT.It's been quite tired this few days staying in my cousin's house,her 3 childrens are cute,naughty and over-playful.When me and my cousin went into a Esprit outlet shop,we two spent about RM300++ buying shirts and pants.That's omg man >< I bought a 'chat zai' for my friend cause her birthday is on 29/5.Hopefully she will like it~

P.S. My birthday coming soon~!!!*Don't pretend don't know hor*